The classic couch competitive gameplay of "Bomberman" brought into the modern era. Place bombs, get out of the way, destroy your friends, collect powerups, 'splode your way to victory in a variety of game modes adapted for smooth multiplayer with virtually unlimited local players!

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Shrapnel is a game inspired by Scorched Earth, the "Mother of all games". Supporting virtually any number of local players, all players set their orders for the next turn simultaneously allowing for speedy turns. Additionally, players who have fell victim to the onslaught of others still get a chance at taking shots at the surviving players so their post-mortem game experience is far from boring.

This game is still a work in progress, though it is entirely playable and quite enjoyable for groups of 4 or more.

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Red vs Blue Prototypes

We have developed a couple local multiplayer games involving players wearing red or blue glasses, depending on the team and situation. For the players, this means that, despite looking at the same screen, each team has their own hidden information. Only the spectators (not wearing any glasses) see the entirety of what is going on, which makes for great party games.

Probably the most successful is a take on Pac-Man where all of the ghosts where colored glasses limiting their vision to just the area around all of the ghosts, and whoever is playing Pac-Man gets to see the entire board, and plays (almost) like a normal game of Pac-Man, except it feels a bit like a stealth game, as you're sneaking by the edge of the visibility range of the ghosts, hoping they don't turn and look your way, all the to the gasps and exclamations of any spectators of the game.

Under more recent prototyping is a team-based stealth game using familiar "domination" (control point) mechanics, but played on a single screen with glasses providing hidden information between teams.

(Prototypes, not currently available for download)


BBE development has ceased, please check out Splody instead.

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